Can you help me move in to my new home?

Whether you are needing to transport a whole load of stuff  or just a few personal items we can help you there.

Buying a car in Spain?

Want help buying a car – we can do that

Furniture and Installation

We can point you towards furniture suppliers and general goods usually at discounted prices.

Can you help with household maintenance?

Be it a leaky tap or a breakdown of air conditioning – it is hard in a different country with a different language to get vital repairs done.
We can provide a help service to make sure everything goes smoothly and efficiently.
We also provide a help service to deal with utility service providers like Endesa (electricity)

Can you help with insurance?


A common fear people buying property abroad is understanding the whole insurance market and requirement. We can ensure you are properly and adequately insured via the offices of our specialist insurance provider – ZYZ.
They deal with British Insurers and you will only ever need to speak to English speaking advisers in the event of a claim.
Suitable specialist repairers will be instructed by them – again we take the pain out of the process for you.

Do you offer legal services?

One of the biggest issues many people have in buying property in Spain is language and nervousness over the legal system. We have a specialist conveyancing lawyer who speaks excellent English ready and able to fulfil all your legal needs.
He can make sure that you have the necessary documentation from the Spanish authorities to allow you to purchase a home, a car…..
He can manage the conveyancing process smoothly and efficiently
He can ensure that all the necessary searches are carried out to ensure your purchase is trouble free
The lawyer will arrange banking services for you with caixa bank who provide excellent online banking services with English language to makre things easy for your day to day needs

He can speak excellent English and is able if necessary to speak with your UK legal adviser

Where do we have contacts?

We can provide detailed information and help all along the Costa del Sol and our Spanish based staff know the area very well.
We can provide at cost airport pick up and visits to pre selected properties.
Language should never be a problem. Our service can include finding rental accommodation in the locale of your property search